Thursday, January 1, 2009

Writing Down the Recipes

This year I am going to make a concerted effort to produce a cookbook for my adult daughter, containing foods she has loved. I intended to do this in 2008 but a broken foot changed the whole profile of my year and made photography impossible for a long while. 

I love recipe books and have dozens of them. I typically read through them carefully, then largely ignore them. At least consciously; my subconscious absorbs from each of them and I put it all into that amorphous database I call my brain. Then when I cook, I just cook. Sure, I pull out a book now and then, or I consult my collection of recipes that I've saved from various websites. But then I tweak and improvise, rarely writing down the changes I've made. 

But that would be hard to pass on to my girl, so I've decided to formalize things to the point of putting ingredients and instructions in words. Something novel...

So here goes. My intent is to have an adjustable book, so that pages can be added or removed at will.